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以 Should animals be used for medical research?





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    I believe that animals should be used on medical research. I am not a cruel person. In fact, I love animals very much. However, when it comes to medical research, there has to be someone to be tested on, and animals are probably our best choice. Unless some human beings are willingly to be experimented on new technologies, our only choice left would be animal research until scientists find out how to clone a human being successfully. Perhaps it is a spiteful idea to test on animals, though sacrificing some animals to discover a new technology will benefit all humans in every way. I know the animals will forgive us and be happy if they knew their sacrifice was meaningful.

    參考資料: 我駐美很久ㄌ
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    It's time  But in order to promote the well-being of mankind   There is no alternative  Have to sacrifice them  But can be with the animal that will die soon   In this way, should be all right Medical research might not use the body alive   Can bank up with earth and make out from animal Or uses the instrument analysis of the computer  Publish the result   The animal is the living beings on the earth too I think  Should not used animal as medical research 你說簡單  那你為何不試試ㄋ   假使真ㄅ會可以先用中文寫出在翻英文呀這樣你參考看看唄

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