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    Remembered at that time me just to graduate from the elementary school, that time of I all day long do nothing, however the shape is too short and fat, so the every morning and afternoons will play the activity like basketball.Is that time, I met again to influence a person whom I am very profound in my basketball career.Although I still don't know his name to now, however its outlooking I still is remember very much and clearly, to, very clear, seem to engrave similar and clear in my brain.

    His top of head wears the small crew cut, the on the face always hangs the self-confident countenance, apparently bringing to have the difficult to know strength in eyes of the 瞇瞇 .The mouth corn is highly high to raise the smile of the victory.咦 !Isn't this of our 10 dollar coin top to lie the stone Sir?Wrong!His strength don't only have 10 dollar coin so weak.Still remembering is that day, I just as usually bring a basketball to head for the stadium.At that time I about practiced very much the clock is or so, suddenly walk to come to a person, what I amaze hopes that person, he is smiling to walk and saying "hello" with me.He uses deep and low and bring the voice of the awfulness to ask me to say:"Can you use with you together this frame? a frames all the person is full." I what didn't say, just silently order a while the head, he is on seeing me nod, then happy the oneself practices to get up.

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  • 十元硬幣的翻譯居然是TEN YUN COIN

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