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vicky 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


管子牧民篇說:「國有四維:一維絕則傾, 二維絕而危,三維絕則覆,四維絕則滅。傾可正也,危可安也,覆可起也,滅不可復錯。何謂四維?一曰禮,二曰義,三曰廉,四曰恥。禮,不踰節;義,不自進;廉,不蔽惡;恥,不從枉。故不踰節,則上位安不自進,則民無巧詐;不蔽惡,則行自全;不從枉,則邪事不生。」


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  • 杰暘
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    In Citizens Teaching Chapter, Philosopher Kuan said "There are four social bonds of a nation. If one bond is broken, the nation will be on the decline; if two bonds are broken, the nation will be in danger; if three bonds are broken, the nation will collapse; if four bonds are broken, the nation will be ended. The nation on the decline can recover; the nation in danger can be saved; the nation in collapsing can be rebuilt; but the death of the nation cannot be undone. What are the four bonds? The first is called propriety, the second is called righteousness, the third is called integrity, and the fourth is called honor. Propriety is without disobeying the proper regulations; righteousness is without being in flase pride; integrity is without covering up crimes; honor is without doing wrong. Therefore, without disobeying the proper regulations, the ruler will not be in flase pride, and the citizens will not deceive; without covering up crimes, the people keep their characters sound; without doing wrong, the people commit no crimes."

    參考資料: 自己 & 漢文英譯示例(張振玉 編著, 文翔圖書公司印行)
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