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考慮真正的國內生產毛額正在一年 4% 增加的經濟。 什麼別的

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一、Consider an economy whose real GDP is growing at 4 percent per year. What else would you need to know in order to say whether the average standard of living is improving or deteriorating?

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    In order to know if the average standard of living is improving, we also need the following information:

    1) We need to know the nominal GDP.

    2) Then we have to calculate the GDP deflator.

    3) In order to be accurate, the GPD needs to exclude the following information,

    •Excludes leisure time

    •Excludes products made at home

    •Excludes volunteer work

    •Excludes the value of increase in product quality

    •Excludes workers paid “under the table”

    •Excludes the underground economy

    • excludes barter transactions

    •Doesn’t consider output distribution

    •Doesn’t account for undesirable output

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