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    I am the child which grows up in the single-parent family, therefore in the idea wants the general same age person to be suave than many, also because of the family condition relations, in our country the time starts on the work-study program, after although therefore has sacrificed many students times class the entertainment,But actually how also therefore studied has been together with the person, as well as society's experience. As for me that, this is happy, because I already studied can be responsible for oneself, also compared regarding the life plan early in the right way approaches. The idea and the reality often some disparities, before worked the experience to say to me,Only can consider the wage and the distance, at that time besides living expenses and school expense, but also helps in the family to bear part of room loans, then I did not have the choice the right, also because of like this, after the high school graduated has not continued to enter a higher school,Wholly absorbed makes money. Grows along with the age, my very clear studies importance, therefore again returns to the school to continue to complete the studies, the idea but is mature along with the study, I knew this is may practice the oneself life plan time.

    「Works this can advance together with the study」,This is my expectation, any work all can 夠 enable me to have in the duties obtains, and accumulates along with the experience may the oneself promotion, I still choose the finance industry, before has the opportunity to enter the netherlands bank, that indeed is the work which I yearned for, every one day all fills the challenge,Also benefits regarding the customer service asks to strive, was only a pity what I locate is the guest takes the department, needs to turn the accent, even is the big night shift, finally I have to choose first complete the studies.

    The graduation in namely, regarding the future, my confidence will be completely full, if will be able the entire heart to invest, will be happiest!


    參考資料: 我自己
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    謝謝 플하우스 과 비 를 사랑해요的關心~關於英文我已經再自我充實了!!

    謝謝 摩登壞男孩的答案~~我再自傳裡面提到的升學是二專~而我今年是應屆畢業生,所以自傳才會有最後面一句~謝謝你的關心~

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    其實, 看到請別人幫忙翻譯的自傳都讓人擔心, 一般要求提供英文自傳的公司實際工作時, 常會應用到英文. 如果本身英文程度很不好, 雖然得到別人翻譯的自傳進到公司後, 在試用期的三個月就會被發現實際的英文程度如何而被淘汰. 最好的方式是, 先好好認真充實自己的英文程度, 這才是真正確保自己工作機會的方式.

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