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    I was brought up by the grandmother as a child, studied to a lot of knowledge not studying in the school from grandmother too, learn a lot of valuable experience from the attitudes of disciplining and treating people and conduct oneself in society of parents and grandmother too; It is responsible for doing things carefully, and also want and think about others more more even if sincere; Though the achievement in the school is not top, not too bad either, study to a lot of knowledge in the school, is it a lot, since graduate from specially the sea of China, is it strengthen one's own professional knowledge is it read long honour university to continue to want to benefit too certainly, in the long honour university, I absorb to a lot of knowledge more further than the training again, because a lot of teachers come from the industry here, professional knowledge and experience obtained are much more. Hope on-the-job field is it is it study more to absorb to continue and pluralistic knowledge is it supplement one's own life experience to come future, hope to continue learning to strengthen one's own language ability again if having time too,

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    I am greatly in childhood brought by grandmother of, also learning to many knowledges that can not learn at school from grandmother's body, also the paternal uncle mother and grandmother's tubes taught and acted towards people the conducting attitude high school to many precious experiences;Is a behavior to want sincere, work to want to with quiet attention be responsible for, and still want much many write to think for the others;At school of though the result isn't top, also don't calculate to too differ, at school also learn to much knowledge, certainly also is benefit very many, and after the china sea particularly graduated, want again strengthen own professional knowledge and continued to read the long glory university, at long the glory university mile, I again absorbed much further than specialty knowledge, have many teachers to all come from the industry here, so the professional knowledge and experience acquired were also many many.Will then hope in the future the incumbency field up continues to absorb the learning more and more diversified knowledge to add own life experience, also hope in the future sometimes a the language competence that can continue again to learn to strengthen the oneself.


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