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1990 Loyola Marymount NCAA

最近上圓球看了一篇文章,裡面有提到1990 NCAA的 Loyola Marymount

說他們是NCAA攻擊力最強的隊伍, 小弟很想了解, 是否有人能提供相關資料拜讀, 謝謝~~~

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    1990 College Basketball Recap

    The Shark, the Bank, and Jimmy V. headlined the year in college basketball. The Shark, a.k.a., Jerry Tarkanian led his UNLV Runnin' Rebels to a national championship, blowing out Duke by 30 points in the NCAA final. The Rebs shook off rumors and innuendos of NCAA improprieties during the course of season and became the first team ranked #1 in the preseason to go on to win the title since North Carolina did it in 1982.

    The sudden tragic death of Loyola-Marymount star forward Hank “The Bank” Gathers from a heart malfunction inspired his teammates to make a run to the Final Eight. Led by star guard and Gathers' boyhood friend, Bo Kimble, who honored Gather's memory by taking his foul shots left-handed, the Lions, an 11-seed, roared past Michigan, the defending national champions with a tournament record 149 points, then edged Alabama by just two points before losing to the school of the Shark in the Regional Finals.

    Jimmy Valvano, the controversial coach with the one-of-a-kind spirit, didn't give up, he was fired by N.C. State, the team he led to the National Championship over Houston in 1982.

    從網站的資料來看, Loyola-Marymount有打進前八強, 但整季的戰績也並沒有特別強. 那年小妹還沒到美國唸書, 所以不是很清楚. 不過倒是很驚訝那年居然是UNLV拿到title..

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