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my little airport在動物園散步是正經事裡..

是否有人知道MY LITLE AIRPORT在動物園散步才是正經事專輯裡

Joesphine\'s shop的歌詞呢

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  • Becki
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    Josephine's ShopCos running business is not your giftWhy don't you close it why don't say 'damn it'Depression in your shop of Mong Kok. Silence on MondayNo change on Thursday But JosephineYou may think your pals cannot lose youProbably they need you so much more than they love youSo why don't you abandon them Let yourself be freeThis world is bigger than what we always believe in.So why don't you try to fade out from your dream of dreamdTry to take the other risks Your life sbould not be like thisEvery color we can be The only thingI've brought in your shop was a $10 candle with some nice smellingIt couldn't help you to pay the rentCouldn't resist hazards nor prevent diseaseBut Josephine You know your shop is cutie and bcauliful The truth is You know this beauty can't make you bappySo why don't you abandon them