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Good morning(Evening), Professors.

My name is ***. I\'m 21 years old. I had been studying of senior in **University **Department. I\'m interested in reading and listening to music.The reason that I want to attend graduate school is studying in oparation of medical treatment system.

I hopr I can combine theories and practicalities with the 商學院 background to be a ~






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    Good morning/ evening, professors.

    My name is xxxx. I am 21 years old. I am currently a senior at University xxxx. My major is xxxx. I adore to read and listen to music by world class composers. The reason I would like to attend graduate school is because I hope I can broadern my knowledge on the topic of operation of medical treatment system. I hope I can use some of the knowledge I obtained from my previous business school, and used it in this field.

    Thank You

    參考資料: Me- studying at University of San Francisco
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    Good morning, Sirs,

    My name is XXX and I'm 21 years old. Currently, I am the senior student majoring in XXX at the XXX univeristy. My hobbies are reading and music appreciation.

    The reason I want to study in the graduation school is to combine with I have learned from the business school and understand better on the medicare system operation. I hope I will become a full-function manager with theorical learning and practice experiences.

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    Dear Sir or MadamMy name is xxxx and I am 21 years old. I am currently a 4th year student at XXX University and major in xxxx. My hobbies included reading and listening to music. The reason I would like to attend graduate school is because I could like to learn and understand in deep the operation of medical system. I hope I could merge the theory and practical concept of medical and business study background that I have. And to meet my objective of becoming a all rounder management expert.