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學習的樂趣,通常不會停留在熱鬧而又空泛的活動,而是來自於內在的充實與自我能力的提升。因此,教育機制的設計,應著重於提供不同程度的學習機會,照顧學習速度不同的學生,使所有學生都有機會能依個人學習能力,挑戰自我,向上提昇,重振學習樂趣。 優質教育的目標,在於讓每一個學生能夠發揮潛能,也讓努力教學的老師能夠獲得應有的尊重。我們必須強調:教育的主體是教師和學生,而不是那些自以為全知全能的教改人士。沒有尊嚴的老師,絕不可能締造出快樂的學習環境;一個有反省能力的社會,才不會繼續往下沉淪。




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    Enjoyment of study, will not usually stay in lively and vague and general activity , but come from the improvement of inherent substantial and self- ability . So, the design of the educational mechanism, should focus on offering the learning opportunity in various degree , look after and study different students of the speed , make all students have an opportunity to depend on the personal learning ability , challenge oneself, promote upwards , regenerate the enjoyment of studying . The high-quality goal that educates, lie in enabling every student to give play to latent energy, enable the teacher teaching hard to obtain due respect too. We must emphasize : The subject of education is teacher and student, but not those educational reform personages who is omniscient and omnipotent. Teacher without dignity, can not found out the happy study environment definitely; One introspects in society of ability , will not continue sinking and sinking .

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    Studies fun, Usually can not stay at liveliness and vague activity, Buts come from in immanent enrich with selfhood ability's promotion. So, Educates machine-made designer, Should emphasize in supply different extent study chance, Looks after study speed different student, Makes all student all have chance can as individual study ability, Challenges selfhood, Goes upward promotion, Resumes study fun. High quality educational aim, Consists in let every student be able to exert potential, Too lets try hard teaching's teacher be able to acquire should some respect. We had to emphasize on: Educational main body are teacher and student, But not those since thinks quan zhi quan neng de jiao gai scholars. Has no dignity teacher, Never maybes create come out happy learning environment; A has reflect on ability's society, Just can not continue for sink lun.

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