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Two to three million people visit the Shaolin Monastery each year,

Enjoying the elegant grounds and buildings filled whit old inscriptions, fading murals, and reputed artifacts of the monastery’s fabled history. They also watch exhibitions of martial arts routines and see monks break bricks or other hard objects with their heads.

The crowds and shows destroy the serenity and have led to charges of commercialism, but they also bring in money for restoring buildings that were repeatedly vandalized through the centuries. In the valley surrounding Shaolin, a whole town of shops and dozens of competing martial arts schools has sprung up.

The monastery itself houses 78 monks, not all of them martial arts masters. Its school has 400 students, from elementary through high school. Only about 20 are girls. The younger students learn reading and math, but their main purpose is to become accomplished in martial arts. Some dream of becoming fighting monks themselves.

The romance of Shaolin rests on legends that are too good to question. It is said that in the sixth century A.D. an Indian Buddhist missionary called Bodhidarma arrived. He climbed into a cave and sat in intense meditation for nine years. He was so persevering that his shadow became permanently imprinted on the cave wall, and today that piece sight in the monastery.

Bodhidharma founded the Chan sect and also, while trying to limber up his cramped limbs during those years of sitting, practiced exercises that would develop into Shaolin martial arts.

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    二到三個百萬個人每年參觀 Shaolin 修道院,享受優雅的理由和建築物裝滿了了些微舊的題字,時尚壁畫,和修道院的虛構歷史的名譽好人工品。 他們也看武藝例行公事的展覽而且見到修道士打破磚塊或者另外地努力地以他們的頭反對。群眾和表演破壞寧靜而且已經導致 commercialism 的費用,但是他們也為回復重複地是 vandaliz 的建築物引進錢

    修道院本身收容 78個修道士,不他們全部武藝主人。 它的學校有 400位學生,從初步的經過高中。 只有大約 20 是女孩。 更年輕的學生學習讀和數學,但是他們的主要目的是在武藝中變成完成。成為的一些夢戰鬥修道士他們自己。

    Shaolin 的浪漫史停留在太好而無法詢問的傳說上。 據說在六的世紀內西元一個印度的佛教傳教士叫做了了被到達的 Bodhidarma 。 他在強烈的沉思方面爬進了洞而且坐了九年。他如此堅忍,他的影像永久地在洞牆壁上變成了印刷,而且今天那一塊在修道院中看見。Bodhidharma 建立 Chan 教派以及,當嘗試的時候在那些數年的座位安排期間在他的狹促四肢上面使柔軟,熟練的 e

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  • 1 0 年前

    二到三個百萬個人每年參觀 Shaolin 修道院,

    享受優雅的理由和建築物裝滿了了些微舊的題字,時尚壁畫,和修道院的虛構歷史的名譽好人工品。 他們也看武藝例行公事的展覽而且見到修道士打破磚塊或者另外地努力地以他們的頭反對。

    群眾和表演破壞寧靜而且已經導致 commercialism 的費用,但是他們也為回復重複地是 vandaliz 的建築物引進錢

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