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英翻中, 英文高手幫幫忙 :))

盡量別用翻譯機,英文高手幫幫忙,謝謝!!! 】








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    1 individual is again great, also leaves the association; A person's wisdom is again remarkable, also cannot become the god to be separated from the numerous people. Liu Bang achievement imperial undertaking, but heroically lies a @ item of feather to suicide to Wu River. The history meets the reason to tell you, any is called person of wisdom not enemy ten thousand person of wisdom, any calls the history not to change because of individual, any is called the unity is the strength.

    Has not been wrong. Three smelly tanners are as good as a Zhuge Liang. The cause accumulates in one all looked resembles on the tiny individual. Edison leaves a good name to posterity because of the electric lamp, leaves the whole body coarse lime worker; Japan rapidly rises the miracle, leaves the common people which the tight clothes shrinks the food.

    Wants to be separated from the numerous people the person, is the new times "the new new blind person", despises can let him exhaust the life also to leave the zero point several steps, is only the traveler at most which likes in the desert, actually only can return to the beginning.

    As soon as skims the earth Cheng Yang A even if are again few, also must depend upon ten fingers. Steps into new times ambitious you, did not forget: The unity is the strength.

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