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went to the bathroom、broke the window 、taking a bath、were sleeping、

playing dodge ball、put on her skirt


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    Tursday afternoon,Sindy and her friend were playing baseball in the park.While they were playing ,the ball fly to a house next to the park.It went to the bathroom in the house and broke the window,Fortunatly,the family in the house were sleeping and no one were taking the bath. But the women in the house heard the huge soud and woke up .She put on her skirt

    and went out to yelled at Sindy and her friend.That's why now Sindy and her friend are playing dodgeball instead of baseball......THEY DON'T WANT THE TERRIBLE THING TO HAPPEN AGAIN!


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    when Tom went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, his brother broke the window while he's taking a bath and run the the room where their parents were sleeping, his dad's probalby dreaming about playing dodge ball, while his wife dreaming about put on her skirt. But who knows?

    參考資料: i think
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