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    A: Hello, how may I help you?

    B: I would like to open an account.

    A: Absolutely, what type of account would you like to open.

    B: What type of accounts are there?

    A: Checkings account, savings account , or online banking account.

    B: What are the diffences?

    A: A checking account is a type of account where your baking card functions like a credit card. On the other hand, it also can be used in ATM machines. For a savings account, intrests will be added to your account. The intrest rate is about 1.00%. It may varies depending on your savings. Lastly you can open an online banking account to monitor your checkings or savings account activities.

    B: Ok, I would like to open a checkings account.

    A: Great, please help me fill out this application and sign at the botton. How much are you going to save?

    B: I would like to save NT$250,000 into my checkings account. By the way, when will receive my banking card?

    A: You will be able to recieve your banking card withing two weeks.

    B: Is there an fee to use my baking card at an ATM machine?

    A: No, unless the ATM machine isn't operated by us. In that case, an additional NT$20 will be charged to your account.

    B: Thank you, this is the signed application.

    A: Thank you, are there any other questions or concerns?

    B: I would like to apply for a mortage? What types of loans are avaliable?

    A: Well, it depends on your personal credit history. If you have a strong credit history, then you may qualify for a personal loan. If not, you may apply for a line of credit loan. In order to qualify for the line of credit loan, we will need a certifcate of an equity (house, car, etc) owned by you.

    B: What are the intrest rate?

    A: Again, this may vary from person to person. The intrest rate is based on your credit history, the amount you borrowed and the value of your equity.

    B: Ok, thank you.

    參考資料: Me-studying at University of San Francisco