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其中英文作文題目~如何使你面試成功? 各位大大救救我的破英文吧!

希望答案 ~有英文附帶中文譯~~~靠妳們了~~我的期中........

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    Subject: How to interview successfullyIt is a very important subject for everybody. Although how can we do that actually everybody always have a not idea. But, we can get information for our experience or books.In my opinion the first step, learn all you can about the company or organization; learn as much as you can so that your questions are sophisticated and knowledgeable during the interview. Employers expect you to arrive knowing background information about the organization.  If you don't, you look like you're not really interested in the job.  You have to be able to answer the critical question of why you would like to work for that employer — and not sound like you would take any job. Research helps you formulate intelligent and appropriate questions to ask in your interview.Secondly, prepare your clothes for your interview, making sure they are business-like, clean, pressed and conservative; make sure your hair and nails trimmed and clean. Your attire should be noticed as being appropriate and well-fitting, but it should not take center stage. When in doubt, always dress more professionally rather than more casually. Dressing nicely and appropriately is a compliment to the person you meet, so if in doubt, err on the side of dressing better than you might need to. A two-piece matched suit is always the best choice for men, in navy blue, gray or black, also the best choice for women, in khaki, gray or black,Lastly, prepare papers for your interview, including extra copies of your resume, job reference lists, reference letters, legal pad for taking notes, and any other information that you may wish to have with you.  To the sum up, I think if we had prepared all of them, it would have enough. 

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