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For the first time ever,an African woman has won thw Nobel Peace, the world’s most famous award for the advancement of world peace. Dr.Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan MP and environment activist,was given the award for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.

Although she is very well educated---she was the first woman from east or central Africa to earn a PH.D.---her key ideas are simple. In 1977, she decided to stop deforestation. This could be done,she thought, through the power of women. She started the Green Belt Movement, which mobilized women to plant millions of trees wherever they were needed most.

She became known as Tree Woman and was arrested many times by the powerful people who saw her work as a threat to their profits. But she still had many successes. In 1989, she went head-to-head with the corrupt Kenyan president, Daniel arap Moi, and prevented him from building a large office tower in Nairobi’s largest park.

Maathai stood up courageously against the…oppressive regime in Kenya, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said. Now arap Moi’s regime is gone, but Tree Woman has more power than ever. She is Deputy Minister of the Evrionment, and with her new Nobel Prize, she has become world-famous. Time Magazine asked her what was next. More trees, she answered. I will grow more trees.

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  • Julian
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    世界上最富盛名的諾貝爾和平獎首度頒發給一個非洲的女性, Wangari Maathai 博士 是一個肯亞的積極推動環境改革國會議員, 她因為對民主以及和平的持續貢獻而獲頒這個獎.

    雖然她受過很好的教育(她是第一個來自中西非洲得到博士學位的女性), 但她主要的想法很簡單. 在1977 年, 她決定阻止濫墾森林的狀況. 她想, 經由婦女的力量可以阻止濫墾森林的狀況.她開始動員婦女來做綠化運動,她們種植了數以百萬計的樹, 但她們需要的更多.

    她因為成為”樹女人”而眾所周知, 而且被那些有權有勢因濫墾森林而得利者阻止了許多次.因為她威脅到他們的利益. 但是她還是成功了. 在 1989 年, 她和腐敗的肯亞總統Daniel arap Moi短兵相接.防止他在奈洛比(肯亞首都)最大的公園蓋辦公大樓.

    Wangari Maathai 博士 站起來勇敢的對抗不公正的肯亞政權, 在挪威的諾貝爾委員會說, 現在arap Mo總統的政權已經消失, 而且” 樹女人” 比以前更有力量. 她現在是環保局副局長, 而且因為她得到了諾貝爾獎, 使她在世界揚名, 當雜誌社問到她下一步要做什麼時, 她回答: 我要種更多的樹.

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