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1.After all the statues came to life again, how did they get out?

(A)With the help of the Giant.

(B)With the help of the dwarf.

(C)With the help of a great hound.

2.Which of the following descriptions is wrong about Mr. Tumnus, one of the Fauns?

(A)He is like a man from the waste upwards, with his legs shaped like a goat\'s.

(B)His face is little with two horns stuck on each side of his forehead.

(C)He is at the service of the Queen and is loyal to her. Narnia, what kind of animal would give you wishes if you caught him?

(A)The black horse.

(B)The White Stag.

(C)The Golden Lion.

4.What did Father Christmas give Lucy?

(A)A shield and a sword.

(B)A little ivory horn and a bow.

(C)A little bottle and a small dagger.

5.Who did Edmund encounter when he himself went to Narnia?

(A)A dwarf, the Queen, reindeer.

(B)A beaver, the Queen, a dwarf

(C)The King, the Queen, a dwarf.

6.What happened when the witch saw a merry party, including a squirrel, two satyrs, a dwarf and an old dog-fox?

(A)She enjoyed the party very much.

(B)She saved her wand and turned them into stones.

(C)She met Father Christmas on that occasion.

7.Which is not true about \"Turkish Delight\"?

(A)It\'s addictive.

(B)It\'s a kind of sweets.

(C)It\'s an anti-depression drug.

8.Based on the Deeper Magic, which of the following things would not happen?

(A)The table would crack.

(B)All the stone animals would disappear.

(C)Death would start working backwards.

9.When the four children went together into the forest, what place did they visit first?

(A)Mr. Tumnus\' house.

(B)The beavers\' place.

(C)Cair Paravel.

10.What was the most serious punishment that the Faun would get if he didn\'t follow the Witch\'s order?

(A)He would be hanged.

(B)His horns would be sawn off.

(C)He would be changed into a stone statue.

11.Why didn\'t the Witch kill Edmund, the traitor?

(A)She lost hr wand.

(B)Aslan saved him with a promise.

(C)He fled away and couldn\'t be found.

12.What did Aslan wear when the girls found him dead?

(A)A horn.

(B)A hoof.

(C)A muzzle.

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    1. A

    2. C

    3. B

    4. C

    5. A

    6. B

    7. C

    8. A

    9. A

    10. 這題我忘了耶...我去確定再回答


    11. B

    12. C

    2006-04-17 13:05:52 補充:


    參考資料: 我看了10年的小說,全套在家裡
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    10. 是c 女巫會把人變成石像

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