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commotion, rivalry, console, drenched, nonchalant, disgrace, dash, squirm, assure, assault。有人可以用這十個單字寫出一篇短文嗎~~

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  • 1 0 年前

    A【commotion】was caused on the street; a crowd of people surrounded there. All of a sudden, a guy who was 【drenched】 in blood 【dashed】 out of the crowd and into a building.

    Minutes later, the cops arrived with a woman who 【squirmed】 with worries and fears.

    The cops asked the crowd to stand back, letting the woman in. No sooner did she see the man on the ground than she bursted into tears. Some of those who were around the spot acted 【nonchalant】 but some began to 【console】 the sad woman.

    For the police wanted to know the situation, a lady was telling what she'd just witnessed.

    She said, in the first place, the men just quarreled with each other, something about the 【rivalry】 between their companies. Later, the "runaway" man showed his knife and started to【assault】 the other. The man lay down on the ground, shouting "what you did would 【disgrace】 yourself and your family!" And we assured the man had got into that building!!

    參考資料: 自己~
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