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因為要口試,所以請英文爆強的大大幫我翻譯一下 以下文章…








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  • 志威
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    2 0 年前

    Each professor musted admit a student today, because the student is the biggest with general university student of the dissimilarity is following at 2:00 characteristic:

    The first, student has leadership power and starts a business a spirit

    Start a business a spirit, the student once established a baseball school team in the university period, in establish of the process, because the school didn't suit of place and resource was to approve of very much at first, afterwards at the consultation of the student and the school, the student found out an outside of school practice a place and guided a teacher successively, established ball team smoothly at last.

    Lead power, the student once held the post of baseball team captain in the school for two years in the meantime, the member came from a different department respectively on the team, student have to at common hold the post of the coordinator's role;Then must lead ball team during the period of competing, go forward toward the target, the first batch been establishing attends the university cup baseball league match namely, and obtains national ex-12 strong unusual honorseses.

    The second, student of special go abroad experience

    Experience that the general university student goes abroad goes abroad a study-abroad trip mostly, and the student go to Holland trading company to practice for a month, practiced a period to once go to Germany, France, Belgium, fostered the student's international view;Make the student be able to major in university international trade theories and actual situation to combine together through the related import procedure in the aspects of trading besides.

    Finally, the student expects to oneself and can become an all-directions multinational a professional manager talented person in future.