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可以附加中文翻譯ㄇ =..="

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    Long time ago, 50% of all Chinese households were multi-generation households with more than two generations living in a single house consisting of grandparents, parents, and unmarried children. The eldest member of the family was the head of the family, making important financial and family decisions. But now, family structure has changed. I think the most effect from women's education and work, especially about re-examining the high status of women in Taiwan. Literacy, together with non-domestic employment, which gave women access to independent sources of income, have been regarded as important indicators of women "status", which affected fertility and mortality outcomes. Since women in Taiwan have on average, been the most literate when compared with women in other states, much has been written about their "high status" and their central role, historically, in social development. I think that examines this concept of "high status" and attempts to assess the various elements in the context of continued low economic output and performance. We could find that changes in the structure and practices of families in the world in the past century have had wide-ranging implications for gender relations. Alterations in marriage, inheritance and succession practices have changed dramatically the practices of erstwhile matrilineal groups as well as weakened women access to and control over inherited resources. In addition, women education and employment have not played the Tran formative role so generally expected of them. Changing levels of female employment and the persistence of a gendered work structure have limited women claims to "self-acquired" or independent sources of wealth. My opinion is underlying these changes are conceptions of masculinity and femininity, which privilege the male working subject and female domesticity. To the sum up, I think our family structure has changed the most important of result is women's education and work has been changed.

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