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Who Is Playing Games—and Why 2005/5/23

Imagine, if you will, the average games player. What do you see? A twitchy teenager mashing buttons on his controller, lost and alone in a violent onscreen world? Or a sad-sack Peter Pan type, the geek who never grew up? Sorry, you lose. The average American gamer is starting to look, well, pretty much like the average American. For the first time, according to a poll commissioned by AOL Games and obtained exclusively by TIME, roughly half of Americans ages 12 to 55 are tapping away at some kind of electronic game--whether on a console, a PC, a cell phone or another handheld device--for an average of three hours every week.

The games people play say a lot about who they are. As you might expect, there are clear game-playing divisions along the fault lines of sex and age. Consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation 2 are predominantly the territory of twentysomething men, who prefer to picture themselves as sports stars (like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005) and racing drivers (Gran Turismo 4). Men 50 and older prefer martial games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Teenage girls are much more likely than boys to play games on their phone, while older women make up the majority of people playing card games such as Hearts online.

Women may favor more social games, but that doesn’t make them any less ambitious. For those who like to play the best-selling Sims games—and 60% of you are women—the goal is to have it all: great house, killer job, hypersmart, multigenerational family. Judge for yourself whether that’s more constructive than having the most spectacular car crash.


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    試想,如果你願意的話,一般的遊戲玩家。 你會看到什麼? 一個焦躁不安的青少年壓著(遊戲)控制器的按鈕,迷失和獨自在暴力畫面的世界裡? 或著是一個沒有悲傷彼得潘型,永不長大的怪人? 抱歉, 你錯了(輸了)。 一般的美國玩家開始看起來,嗯,非常像一般的美國人。(很久以來)第一次,根據委託AOL Games所進行和TIME獨家取得的民意測驗顯示,大約有一半年齡在12-55歲的美國人在接觸一些種類的電子遊戲-不論是遊戲機,電腦,手機或其他掌上型機種-大約一個星期有三個小時。

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    人們玩的遊戲說明了很多他們是誰/什麼樣的人。如同你可以預期地,單單地在性別與年齡上就有清楚明確的遊戲區域。遊戲機像是Xbox和PlayStation 2是二十多歲的男性佔主導地區域,他們較喜歡想像自己是運動明星(像是“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005” 這類遊戲)和賽車手(“Gran Turismo 4”這類遊戲)。五十歲或以上的男性較喜歡戰爭/軍事的遊戲像是“Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six”這類遊戲。十幾歲的女孩比男孩更有可能去玩手機上的遊戲,而稍年長一點的女性在玩紙牌遊戲例如“Hearts online”占大多數。

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    女性也比較喜歡合群的/社會性的遊戲,但不表示她們野心較少。對那些喜歡玩熱門的 “Sims”系列遊戲之玩家-60%是女性-目標是擁有一切:大房子,迷人的工作,超級聰明,多方面的家庭。自己去評判那是否比有最驚人的車禍還有助益/建設性

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