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face up to

at some point

result in

recognize as

in the long run

rather than

contact with

from time to time

in this case

no longer

familiar to

pass down

come up eith

made of

if necessary

by its very nature

clear out

touch up

set about

contribute to

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    2 0 年前

    face up to = 面對事實

    at some point = 在某些階段/時間 (如at some point in life = 在人生某些階段/時間)

    result in = 導致

    recognize as = 獲認可/認定/確認為

    in the long run = 長遠而言

    rather than = 是...而不是... (A rather than B = 是A 而不是 B)

    contact with = 接觸到

    from time to time = 有時, 不時

    in this case = 既然這樣

    no longer = 不再是

    familiar to = 熟識

    pass down = 流傳下來

    come up with (eith打錯了是不是 ?) = 趕上, 想出(答案, 解決方法等)

    made of = 由....製造而成

    if necessary = 如有需要

    by its very nature = 天性/本質如此

    clear out = 清除

    touch up = 補足, 補救

    set about = 著手處理,開始(做一些事)

    contribute to = 促成, 幫助, 對(某些事)作出貢獻

  • 2 0 年前

    face up to 正視

    at some point 在某些關鍵點

    result in 造成

    recognize as 認出

    in the long run 長期

    rather than 而不是...

    contact with 與...聯絡

    from time to time 有時;不時

    in this case 既然這樣

    no longer 不再

    familiar to 熟悉

    pass down 傳下來

    come up (eith?打錯的嗎?) 開始;走過來

    made of ....做成的

    if necessary 如果必要

    by its very nature 生性

    clear out 清除

    touch up 潤色

    set about 著手,開始(做)

    contribute to 捐助;幫助;促成

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