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急徵英文高手Psychic solves crimes(Ⅱ)

\"Nella has given invaluable assistance on a number of murders,\" said Detective Chief Inspector Arnie Cooke, \"We have to keep an open mind to the paranormal. It would be stupid not to follow up t he leads she gives us. There are a lot of strange things happening.\"

Ms. Jones says everyone is born with abilities similar to hers, but few try to use them. \"It\'s the most natural thing in the world.\"

Last year, the American governmentspent more than 18 million dollars on psychics to help fight terrorism. Ms. Jones, however, believes her days of helping the police-for which she never received any money-are nearly over. \"I\'m getting too old,\" she said. \"I have seen and felt some terrible things. I don\'t even want to think about them now. Sometimes I think I\'ve done my bit for society.\"



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    Detective Chief Inspector (我實在不知道該怎麼翻這個職稱...) Arnie Cooke 說, ""Nella已經提供許多關於謀殺案的無價協助。我們並須對超自然保持虛心的態度, 不追蹤她提供給我們的線索是愚笨的。有許多不可思議的事情發生。"

    瓊斯女士說每個人都是天生就有和她相似的能力, 但是只有少部分的人試著去使用他們。"這是世界上最天生的東西"

    去年, 美國政府花了超過 1800 萬美元在靈媒上來幫助打擊恐怖份子。但是, 瓊斯女士相信她幫助警察的日子, 而且是免費的幫助, 差不多結束了。她說, "我年紀越來越大了, 我曾經看到並感覺到一些恐怖的事情。但我現在甚至不想想起那些事情。有時候我覺得我已經為社會貢獻出我的那一點點能力。"

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