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幫我想一下簡單的英文作文好不好? ><




大約150字左右~謝謝 ><

文法要正確點唷 !

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    Typhoon is a natural disaster that raid Taiwan annually. From June to October is its buffeting season. It is not as fierce as a hurricane or a twister, but since Taiwan is a small island, and populations are intensive, it can cause a catastrophe every time it shows up.

    The only people in Taiwan who would love Typhoon are those students. The reason is obvious, because they will not have to go to school when a Typhoon attacks. However, the rest of Taiwanese, especially farmers and fishmen, paradoxically hate and respect Typhoon at the same time. It can destroy the harvests, but many older generations believe that Typhoon is an act of God, the King of the Sea Dragons.

    Nevertheless, Typhoon is a major problem in Taiwan, many precautions are needed to be taken in advance. Taiwan is a wealthy country, but there are things that money cannot solve. The only way is to learn more about it and perhaps one day Taiwan will be a Typhoonless region.

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    有些單字較難,但因已寫下去了,一時想不到更簡單、又能傳神表達的,所以當作學單字吧。buffeting - (風、浪等的)肆虐fierce - 激烈的、猛烈的hurricane - 颶風twister - 龍捲風“也叫〈tornado〉”paradoxically - 矛盾地act of God - 神幹的好事King of the Sea Dragons - 海龍王Typhoonless - 沒有颱風的

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