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一個完整的供應鏈管理(Supply Chain Management,SCM)是流程整合的程式。供應鏈的上下游交易關係(Relationship)始於採購原料的行為到生產完成品至倉庫,而後收到訂單出貨的配銷部份,這整個交易過程牽涉的是交易雙方組織內不同部門的彼此配合。在近十年來的全球競爭之環境下,迎接企業的挑戰是在最適當的時間、地點,以最低的運送成本,將最高品質的產品或服務送到顧客手上,製造公司開始體會到策略性或合作性之供應商或顧客關係的重要性。就以汽車零件保險桿為例,我們以福竝公司做為研究對象,探討這間工廠裡在採購鏈、生產鏈、存貨鏈、配銷鏈四個鏈中可能會發生的問題,利用魚骨圖先分析問題產生的起始,進而分析策略下,對整體有利的決策。我們藉由敏感度分析來了解四個鏈當中各項成本對於總成本之影響程度。經由LINGO求解,進一步探討降低成本對供應鏈之影響及降低總成本之效益。最後,將推導出的成本數學模式藉由LINGO的撰寫並搭配相關參數,即可搜尋到總成本的最佳解。



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    Summary An intact supply chain managing (Supply Chain Management, SCM) It is the procedure that the procedure combined. Business relation that of supplying the chain to swim from head to foot (Relationship) Begin with the behavior of purchasing raw materials and reach the product of finishing of producing to the warehouse, receive order produce to is it sell some to worthy of goods, whole trade this both parties different each other cooperation of department in organizing. Under the environment of global competition in the past ten years, it is in the most proper time, place to meet the challenge of enterprise, transport cost with a most low one, most high-quality product or service sent to customer, the manufacturing company begins to realize the importance of tactic or the cooperative relation between supplier or customer. Taking part bumper bar of the automobile as an example, we are with the good fortune 竝Company is it for research object, probe into the factory in chain of purchasing, produce chain, stock chain, is it sell chain problem that may take place among the four chain to worthy of to make, the ones that utilized the fish bone picture to analyse and emerge in question first are initial, and then analyse under the tactics, decision favorable to the whole. We analyse with the susceptibility that understand the influence degree to the total cost of every cost in four chains. Ask solving via LINGO, probe into and lower costs to the influence which supplies the chain and benefit of reducing the total cost further. Finally, the cost mathematics way to pay deriving and matches relevant parameters with the writing of LINGO, can find the solving bestly of total cost.  

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