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    Speak of idols, enough to let people be spoken with confidence, I am no exception. My idol - she was born in Taitung

    She is a low south clansman. Perhaps see her possess the culture, diligent that the innate good voice combined with the day after tomorrow, make her open and belong to already a slice of day on the circle of singers. She was once published in the front cover by Time-Life News too, she was the Taiwanese queen - A's sister. She, in order to finish father's hope, she sings the match in diligent and untiring participation, though the first ginseng is while having a match, she lost the qualification of defending a title by mistake because of forgetting words, but under father's encouragement, she decides to redouble one's efforts, until finishing father's wish. So long as people agree hard, anything can not be done! A sister she take the champion to smoothly too. Perhaps it is her spirit that has moved me, make me feel with deep impression about her. On A's sister's singing career, a lot of song fans that is keen on always shake and hold her, when media, net friend abuse her, they will all step forward bravely, try to explain away for A's sister. A's sister sings the effect live, is really staggering, loud and sonorous and loud high pitch, lyrical and low-spirited bass, all these are voices that A's sister's unique voice can be expressed. A's sister, I will support you forever! I is it can is it get diligence spirit, A of sister to learn already since, finish dream already since to hope too.

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