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可以請大大們幫我看看好嗎? 謝謝

我這篇文章的主題是\" students should have good sense of finical management\"

( 學生該有良好的理財觀念 )

1. Everybody knows that money is very import for our life. (錢可以幫助我們享有好的生活品質, 及完成很多夢想, 因此錢對我們來說很重要 )

2. 研究所的講法是不是 \"graduate school\"?

3. Maybe you have to pay the tuition by yourself because your parents retire from active life and don’t have another income, or you have be independent on finance. ( 你必須要自己付學費, 因為父母退休沒工作, 所以沒有額外的收入, 或者你必須經濟獨立, 因為你已經成人了 )

4. According to the statistic of Ministry of Education , more and more students have the students loan. The students loan is one of the policy of the government to help the student to pay the tuition. But when they graduate from school, they have to repay. ...If the students don’t have good sense of money and learn the skill of money management, how do they face the (沉重的負擔)? 根據教育部的統計, 愈來愈多的學生有辦理就學貸款.就貸是政府幫助減輕學生付學費的負擔的一項措施,但是他們畢業後,必須要償還,而且有些學生貸款了不少的數目,有的大約40萬至50萬.如果他們沒有在學生時期就學習理財技巧及關念,他們要如何面對這沉重的負擔?)






1. the tuition of higher education is very expeceive 高等教育的學費很高"

2. It's very import for people to invest in a long period. (長期投資是很重要的."


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    " Students should have good finical management concept"

    1. 錢可以幫助我們享有好的生活品質, 及完成很多夢想, 因此錢對我們來說很重要

    Money can help us obtian better life quality and achieve many dreams, therefore, money is a very important factor in life. (後半為了與你自己寫的那句英文呼應 改為 因此金錢是人生中非常重要的一部分)

    2. 研究所的講法是不是 "graduate school"?


    3. 你必須要自己付學費, 因為父母退休沒工作, 所以沒有額外的收入, 或者你必須經濟獨立, 因為你已經成人了

    You may have to pay the tuition on your own because your parents are retired and don't have extra income, or you may have to be financially independent because you are already an adult.

    4. 根據教育部的統計, 愈來愈多的學生有辦理就學貸款.

    Statistics from Ministry of Education shows that more and more students use student loans.


    The student loan is a governmental policy to help students to pay for their tuition, but the loan is to be repaid after they graduate.


    Some students applied for loans with great amounts, between 400,000 and 500,000 dollars.


    If they did not learn financial management concepts and skills, how can they face this heavy burden?

    2006-04-19 09:23:49 補充:

    最後一句要改為 If they did not learn financial management concepts and skills during school, how can they face this heavy burden?

    2006-04-21 07:55:44 補充:

    1.高等教育的學費很高Cost of higher education is extremely expensive.如果你是泛指研究所(碩博士)的學費的話 可以用下面這句:Tuition for graduate school is very expensive.2. 長期投資是很重要的It is very important for people to invest in the long-run.也可以說:It is very important to make long-term investments.

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