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"監考"的英文要如何講呢?下列兩句應該如何翻譯呢?1. 我星期一到星期五都要監考。2. 這學校的每位教師在期中考期間都被要求監考,沒有一個是例外的。謝謝回答喔!

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  • Al
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    動詞用 invigilate

    1. 我星期一到星期五都要監考。

    I have to proctor from Monday to Friday.

    2. 這學校的每位教師在期中考期間都被要求監考,沒有一個是例外的。

    All the teachers of this school were assigned/asked to proctor during the period of the mid-term exam(ination) without any exception.

    2006-04-20 12:21:03 補充:

    Thank you for backing me up,Jason.

    But, indeed, "during" has the meaning of "within a certain period of time".

    At frist, I was an English speaker, then I went back to a Chinese by making mistake like that.

    By the way, using proctor is still more explicit.

    2006-04-24 16:08:18 補充:

    Ha Ha! Nice to "see" you again. Frost.

    2006-04-24 18:40:35 補充:

    To my knowledge, you could use either "midterm" or "mid-term exam".

    But if your are talking to a foreigner instead of a native of the states, "mid-term exam" may be more vivid.

  • 阿甘
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    1. 我星期一到星期五都要監考。

    I have to administer the test/exam Monday through Friday.

    2. 這學校的每位教師在期中考期間都被要求監考,沒有一個是例外的。

    Every teacher in this school was asked/required to administer tests/exams during mid-term. No exceptions.

    I am a public school teacher in USA. We usually use this word "administer.'


    2006-04-20 02:00:57 補充:

    期中考期間...just say 'during mid-term'you don't have to add words like 'period' or something like that...

    2006-04-24 07:02:09 補充:

    in need to even use the word "exam," ....people all know you are talking about exams when you say 'midterm' in the US. (In a school setting of course)

    參考資料: me, I, and myself
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  • Jason
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    Agree with A1.

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    invigilate 看守,監考


    I have to invigilate from Monday to Tuesday.


    Every teacher in this school are asked for invigilating in the middle exam of the semester , none is out of the ordinary.

    <ps>out of the ordinary 例外

    2006-04-19 21:47:33 補充:

    to monitor the students during an exam 也是監考

    2006-04-19 21:49:43 補充:

    ordinary 普通的

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    Monitors an exam


    I Monday all must monitor an exam to Friday.


    This school each teacher in the time tests all is requested in the time to

    monitor an exam, does not have is exceptional.