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    以下是我幫您寫的範例, (漢神百貨. 這是本人的意見因為我超愛 shopping ^^). 加油!!!

    Where is my favorite place? This is always a tough question to answer! I have been to many places, and loved a lot of them. However, what is the standard of classifying a place as my favorite one? The answer may varies from individuals to individuals! However, based by my standards, a place has to charming and pleasent.

    The place I liked the most is Hanshin Department Store. First, I adore shopping, and Hanshin is the place. Hanshin has anything an indivdual desires. From fine gourment to luxury watches. In the same token, Hanshin is also a place to broadern one's prespective on fashion. Sometimes watching can be more intresting than buying. One good example is Chanel. I always adore glancing over at the shiny watches in the counters. Maybe I could not afford those watches, but at least my eyes can experience the concepts of luxury.

    On the other hand, Hanshin also has a great bookstore to spend the whole day! It is a privilege to indulge oneself in the world of books. From a random book in the bookstore, I can obtain wisdom. From a psychology book, I can encounter different ideas that help me look at the world from a different angle.

    Jason's market, located at B3 of the mall is another place I would go. Just the very second you dash into the market, you will be shocked at all the gourments you can find. From sake to hand picked cherries from Japan. You can find any type of food you wish. If you have time to visit the market, slow down your steps and experience the art of food. Experience how Jason's market present food in a fashionable way.

    All in all, Hanshin is a great place to experince the world. It is a place where you can gain knowlege or simply relax and let your eyes encounter different items.

    參考資料: Me-studying at University of San Francisco
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