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浩平 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

狄克森片語 急需 拜託><





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    第14章 break down 拋錨 turn out to be 結果成為 become of 發生 give up 投降,放棄 take pity on 憐憫 cross out 刪除 take something into account 考慮 male clear 解釋說明 take a look at 看一看 have on 穿著 come to 清醒 call for 去取物,去找人


    第15章 eat in/to eat out 在家吃飯/在餐館吃飯 play tricks on;to play jokes on 戲弄,開玩笑 look after 照顧 feel like+Ving 想要

    5.once and for all 斷然地 hear from 接到某人的來信或消息 hear of 聽到有關....的消息 make fun of 嘲笑 come true 實現 a matter of fact 事實上,其實 have one's own way/to get one's own way 一意孤行 look forward to 期待

    2006-04-23 22:42:32 補充:

    更正14章第8句為 make clear 解釋說明

    參考資料: 高三生,看手邊的書一字一字打出來
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    1. to eat in-to eat out 在家吃飯;在餐館吃飯

    2. to come true 證實;實現

    3. to one's relief 令(人)欣慰的是...

    4. as if 彷彿;好像;猶如

    5. It is / was not long before... 過了不久就...

    6. in vain 徒然;白費地;無效地

    7. to look after 照顧;照料

    8. to feel like 想要;意欲

    9. as a matter of fact 事實上;實際上

    10. to look forward to 期待期;望盼望

    11. once and for all 斷然地;堅決地

    2006-04-23 22:58:15 補充:

    151. no matter 不論;不管2. inside out-upside down 翻轉;到置3. to come to one's aid 來援助某人4. to take up 攻讀;研究5. to take after 與...相象;像...6. in the long run 終久;畢竟7. to run out of 耗盡8. can not but 不得不;禁不住9. to take advantage of 利用;欺騙10. out of

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