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數位相機是由光、機、電一體化的產品。它的核心零件是CCD(Charge Couple Device,電荷耦合原件)影像偵測器。CCD是使用一種高感光度的半導體材料製成,在光線作用下,可將光線作用強度轉化為電荷的累積,再通過模數轉換晶片轉換成數位信號(也就是0與1的訊號),數位信號經過壓縮以後由數位相機內部的快閃記憶體或內置儲存媒體來保存,因而可輕易的透過各種方式把影像資料傳輸到電腦,並借助電腦的處理手段,根據需要來修改影像。

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    Digital camera originally emerged in the United States of America twenty years ago. They were placed on the satellites in order to send images to the Earth. Years later, this technique of digital photography became more common among people and had been used for more different purpose. It is very popular nowadays among European countries and America. Digital camera now becomes one of the equipments, besides scanner, of computer photography program and is wide-used through out the world.

    Digital camera is a product that combines light, electricity and machine. CCD (Charge Couple Device) is the center component made by highly sensitive semiconductor. It allows the transformation of light into electrical charges then into digital signal (0 and 1). These digital signals are saved in the memory and can be easily transmitted into computer for modification.

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  • Several camera appear in U.S.A. first, probably at satellite device more than 20 years ago, U.S.A. has utilized it to convey photos to the ground through the satellite. Later on the camera work of the digit transfers to and expands the range of application civilly and constantly, already very popular in America and Europe at present, it becomes one of the new-type input equipment of the image of the computer after sweeping the taking aim device , and in already extensive use.

    The digit camera is by the light , machine , integrated products of electricity. Its key part is that CCD (Charge Couple Device , the coupling original paper of electric charge ) image detects the examining device . CCD uses the semiconductor material of a kind of high sensitivity to make, under light function, can turn the intensity of light function into the accumulation of the electric charge , and then change the chip to change into a digit signal (a signal of 0 and 1 ) through the modulus, several signal sudden strain of a muscle person who store is it store media keep to put inside soon by several camera after compressing, therefore can to transmit image materials to the computer, and draw support from the computer treatment means , revise the image according to the need.

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