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    1)If I was Richer, I would choose to have that kid. Even though the baby is still not into a shape, it's still a baby, a new life. If choosing to have an abortion, that doesn't only hurt yourself but also took away an almost new born life. It's self's fault, it shouldn't be invovled with the kid. At this time, both parents of the baby should communicate with each other, have a discussion, not just blaming on each other and avoid it. Also, both parents have responsibility of taking care of this kid if they choose to have, and the meaning of responsible is not just have a marriage without love and care. This is a kind of bad and mismarriage, which woudn't last long. The main point is that I don't think it's really necessary to marry, but the parents should keep the kid, and until when the kid can think independently to let the kid choose what he/she wants.

    2) I don't agree with having sex before marriage, but I won't disagree with living together under the same roof. I don't disagree with living together because if both the male and the female have a consideration of getting marry, it's a pretty good way to understand each other. This way, they can have a better decision on marriage, if they will get along after the marriage, and etc.. However, the reason I am disagreeing with sex before marriage is because like Richer and Ross, they should think about the future and the responsibilities before the short time of been happy. This is worth for every one to think about, this not only has became one of each other's responsibility on the shoulders, and also it's not fair for the kid.

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    1)If I am Richer, I will choose to give birth to the child. Though the baby has not taken shape yet, it is a new life. If choose to have an abortion, not only injure the body very much but also deprived the birth of a new life. And one's own fault for the moment, should not involve on children . Men and women at this moment, the communication that it's time hard and discussing, but not blame and escape each other. However, choose to give birth to the child, both sides must responsible for child, a so-called one responsible for, it is only marriage under having foundation of love to be. Such a marriage , it is not happy to be imperfect, can't be permanent even more. So I think might not going to marry, both sides is it raise child to want, get child oneself when can be thought independentlying, let the child choose oneself to want. (2) I do not agree to premarital sex , but I will not repel and live together . I repel because if men and women reason that live together is, there is consideration getting married, living together before marriage in that, should be one kind understands good ways of each other's both sides. Can just know whether are suitable for getting married each other like this, in the life after marriage, obtain by joining , so I do not object to proper living together . And does not agree to the reason of the premarital sex , in order to show off the happiness for the moment, the consequence demanded is very great, worth everybody's thinking deeply, not only become the mutual burden like this like the situation of Richer and Ross, more unfair to the child.

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