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sorry~~~ 我ㄆ要翻譯機翻出來斗辣

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    The autumn wind is cool, the autumn season is calm, the autumn leaf is

    starts the faded and fallen autumn, in spouse's eye, is one kind fills

    the love breath the season, brown Maple tree leaf, the loose skinned orange

    yellow setting sun, anticipated takes a walk with the spouse in the

    maplewood the autumn, in the melancholy person eye, the leaf falls,

    the setting sun will sink, will be a life the completely season, hoped

    will fall withered leaf, when on the tree last the piece of leaf will

    fall down, perhaps was I must walk the autumn, in Sweeps the path person the eye,

    was a troublesome season, Has the innumerable fallen leaf to have to


    Autumn the calm breath, causes our entire heart to be tranquil, to

    condense, can very dedicated complete some matters, therefore,

    autumn is peaceful, the diligently season, and so on.


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    The wind in autumn is cool, Autumn is calm, the leaf in Autumn is the beginning of the faded Autumn, in lover's eyes, Autumn is the season full of loveness. the brown colour of the Maple tree's leaf, the oranged sunset, hope to take a walk with the love ones in the maplewood.

    Autumn, in people who has blue mind's eyes, leaves falls, sunset goes down, it's a season with lives going to an end. staring at the leaves that falls, when the last leaf on the tree falling, it might be the time for me to leave..

    Autumn, in road cleaner's eyes, is a trouble maker season. so much leaves fell from trees to sweep..

    the cool atmosphere in autumn, let our heart to be calm and let us to concentrate to finish what we want to do. therefore, Autumn is a quiet and a season for working hard, etc.

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    Autumn is a quiet請去掉”a”,所以是autumn is quiet

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