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    Hello everybody, my name is ***, I am 22 years old, I live in Tainan Hsian, I’m the second eldest child in my family. My hobbies are sports, reading and drawing. Sweating after exercises made me feel very comfortable and healthy. My reading range is very wide, I hope I can understand different point of view from books. I like drawing; I always express my feeling and record beautiful scenery by drawing. My personality is easy-going, nice and responsible. In teaching, I never bound myself in my strength, I am willing to try and challenge. I will try my best to learn, overcome and do my best in anything. My quote is “fulfill my life everyday”. When I was in grade 3, I met a very nice and warm teacher, causing me decide to become someone like her when I grow up. Although I didn’t attend education institute but I never give up my dream to be a teacher. I did a research of “geography information system usage at countryside outdoor teaching” when I was in university. At the moment I am a volunteer coach in Red Cross and Physical Education substitute teacher in elementary school. I hope I will have the opportunity to learn more teaching skill and relate teaching theories in your school, with combining information technology to make study more interesting and fun, thank you very much.

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