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woo, wood and would

. Do native speakers pronounce SURE the same as SHORE? I am a bit confused as the regular pronunciation of it, as listed here, is "樹爾."2. In the words, WOOD, WOO, and WOULD, do native speakers intuitively pronounce them without "kk symbol [w]?" That way, they make WOOD and WOULD the same, don\'t they? More specifically, the kk symbol of WOO would become [lax vowel u] and that of WOOD would become [lax vowel u + d].

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  • 蝦米
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    As for the pronunciation of "sure", it depends on who speaks it.According to "American Pronouncing Dictionary," which is called kk音標原典 in Chinese, the pronunciation of "sure" is different from place to place.  Some say 咻兒, others say the vowel like in "shore." Even others say the vowel like in "fur."As for woo, would, and wood, the w sound is pronounced, though very short. Although would and wood have the same KK symbol, they do not  sound quite the same in the sentences.  Usually, would doesn't carry accent while wood does.蝦米小居,初級英語學習網站。