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    Most of the senior people don't have any inducement to live their lives. They spent the best years bringing up their children and most likely their children would eventually leave them. They feel alone but there is not much they could do. That the reason why they don't feel happy.

    After working hard while they were young and strong, most of the middle-agers have steable jobs, families and health. They are right on the peak of their lives. So they are happy.

    參考資料: 留美PR碩士, 國際貿易, 業餘翻譯
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  • 金永
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    Most of the cenior citizens live adriftly nowadays...They hardily raised their childrens but eventually none of them stay around...Feeling loneliness and powerless to change anything...That's the reason why they feel unhappy.

    Through the striving of youth...Middle-ager generally has their own job,family,and health... They are in the pride of their life...That's the reason why they feel so happy.

    參考資料: 薑母腦!!
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  • Yuan
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    The life of old people has no center mostly ¡­Arduous to bring child up but by being out ¡­Feel lonely but unable to change the current situation ¡­So they will feel the unhappy struggle while passing youngly ...Middle-aged persons generally have work. Family. There is health ¡­In the summit period in life ¡­So they feel happy

    參考資料: me
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  • angel
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    老年人的生活多半沒有重心…Most of senior citizen do not have aim in their life...辛苦養大了孩子卻都不在身旁…感到寂寞卻無力改變現狀…所以他們會感到不快樂After having a hard time bringing up their childerns, chances their kids are not with them.... feeling lonely but unable to change the situation.... therefore they are not feeling happy 經過年輕時的奮鬥...中年人普遍有工作.家庭.還有健康…正處在人生的巔峰期…所以他們感到快樂 After their hard work in the earlier day...those in the middle age normally have a career, family and health....having their peak in life... therfore they feel happy

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