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各位教授,您好,本人僅作一個簡略的自我介紹, 我是※※※,出生於※※市,父母均為公務人員,現任職於※※※※※※,負責為民服務相關業務,目前是與母親同住,母女一起觀賞韓劇是在家最溫馨的時刻。除了工作以外我最喜歡閱讀了,能分享作者生命中的點點滴滴,那種感覺真的很棒。當然偶而與三五好友彼此相約小聚、品茗談心、聆聴古典音樂、欣賞電影也成了生活中不可或缺的ㄧ部分。

從小到大,因為父母對長女的殷切期待及嚴格管教,造就了我一絲不苟的處事態度。做事總是盡心盡力、力求完美。這些年來,工作上一直秉持著這個原則去面對,結果也都深獲長官們的肯定與嘉許,惟深感在現今充滿競爭的環境,須保持彈性與充沛的精力,再加上時時不停學習的心,是讓自己永不停頓的重要能源,經由同事轉介得知貴所目前開設在職專班課程,相信修習政治相關領域對我未來的生涯規劃有很大之助益,承蒙厚愛,希望有機會進入 貴校學習,成為 貴校大家庭中的一員,望貴校能不吝給予批評與指教。謝謝!

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    Good morning/afternoon. Professors. I would like to give a simple self-introduction.

    My name is ※※※,burn in ※※city. Both of my parents are civic officers at ※※※※※※ and responsible for the works which relate to the public.

    Currently, I live with my mother. The warmest moment is the time my mother and I watch the Korean drama. Besides, I like reading most because the feeling of sharing the authors’ concept is terrific. Of course, getting together with friends, drinking tea, listening to classic music, and seeing movies are part of my leisure time activities.

    Because the expectation and restrict attitude of my parents, it ends up that I am preciseness and do things with my very best for the goal of prefect. I also follow this standard in my job in these years and have gained praises from my bosses. .

    However, I find that I should maintain my best energy and keep learning in order to get the most important resources in the competitive environment now a day. Through my colleague, I know that your school offers the particular curriculum for the people like me. I sincerely believe that this class will benefit my future career planning. Looking forward to your comment and hope to enter your school becoming the member of your family.

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