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input hypothesis

請問 input hypothesis


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    回版主:input hypothesis 可以翻為輸入假設 或 輸入假說同義字是"理解假設/假說" (comprehension hypothesis)這個字來自於一位在加州教授西班牙文的老師Tracy Terrell根據其教學經驗,在加上南加州大學語言學家Stephen

    Krashen 的理論共同提出的自然教學法(The Natural Approach). 其中文解釋如下:語言輸入假設(input


    略高一級 的內容(

    〝i + 1〞; i表示學生目前的程度,1表示比目前程度稍高的教學內容)

    ,這樣才能使學習者有所進步其英文解釋如下:The Input hypothesis is Krashen's attempt to explain how the

    learner acquires a second language. In other words, this hypothesis is

    Krashen's explanation of how second language acquisition takes place. So,

    the Input hypothesis is only concerned with 'acquisition', not 'learning'.

    According to this hypothesis, the learner improves and progresses along

    the 'natural order' when he/she receives second language 'input' that is

    one step beyond his/her current stage of linguistic competence. For example,

    if a learner is at a stage 'i', then acquisition takes place when he/she

    is exposed to 'Comprehensible Input' that belongs to level 'i + 1'. Since

    not all of the learners can be at the same level of linguistic competence

    at the same time, Krashen suggests that natural communicative input

    is the key to designing a syllabus, ensuring in this way that each learner

    will receive some 'i + 1' input that is appropriate for his/her current

    stage of linguistic competence.供您參考參考^^

    參考資料: The Boy from Oz (澳洲男孩)