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我想了解正確修改英文作文的符號, 如換行另起一段或前後句互換....如何再修改文章時明示 ?

或請告知在哪個網址可獲得此資訊 ?

Thanks a lot !

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    下面這個表格有符號 (縮寫或圖示) 、代表的意思、以及範例:SymbolMeaningExampleagragreementA person has to rely on their own conscience.cscomma spliceIt was a memorable moment, I think of it often.dmdangling modifierAfter reading the article, the explanation became clear.fragfragmentBecause he was not educated. He was ignored.idproblem with idioms or set expressionsBird does not agree to Zinsser's argument.mixedmixed constructionsBecause he raises questions helps readers relate.num  number singular/pluralThe mans in her life gave her very bad advices.ppunctuationHe shows, that the world is a complicated redundantAccording to Slater, he says Americans are blind.ref unclear pronoun referenceBetween Berger and Foucault, his explanation is better.rorun onThe essay was good the details suppport the thesis well.spspellingShe staid with her friend during the storm.s-vsubject-verb agreementAnzaldua always use the same style.tverb tenseWhen we looked closely, we can see the logo.vbverb errorHis feelings can be explain by study the source.wfword formHer words should not be taken literal.wwwrong wordIt was not the technology what he was interested with. ÙinsertIn 1960's, spending grew and the deficit jumped.


    rephrase; find a better way to write itDue to the fact that they cannot work, the government pays for the treatment.   ??unclear; not understandableFor the reason have gone. Note these electronic correction symbols: del = delete move * = move to *here/transpose par = new paragraph

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    你也可以在網上搜尋"correction symbol" 或者 "corredtion abbreviation"

    2006-04-29 02:11:28 補充:

    I meant "correction abbreviation"...

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    書名是"paragraph practice"

    7 edition

    作者是 kathleen E. Sullivan