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高中生\"Marty\"乘座\"Dr. Brown\"發明的時光機器,開到他尚未出世的年代。在那裡,馬蒂遇到當時尚未成婚的父母親。但是情竇初開的母親\"羅蘭\"竟然愛上了自己未來的兒子。馬蒂他那懦弱的父親竟然沒有勇氣向母親表達愛情。那樣的話,他自己的出生也成了問題。於是,馬蒂開始給父母作起媒來,為了促成父母的婚事,作了一系列的安排,幫助父親擊退了情敵,並鼓勵膽小的父親向母親求婚。




時光機是早晚的事情,而不是不可能.未來有可能飛機 飛彈 火箭 核能都是落伍的產物.





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    Marty,a high school student,took the time machine invented by Dr. Brown to the generation that he was not borned.Marty met her unmarried parents there.But his mother was dawning of love and fell in love with her future son.His father is so dastardly that he had no courage to express his love to Marty's mother.That is,it was a problem about his birth.Marty begin to be an intermediary between his parents and made a series of arrangemets,helped his father beat the rival in love,and encouraged his father to propose to Marty's mother.

    <come back to the future>it was a significant science movie.I saw it as many times as I did the trilogy of StarWars-the idle and rock teenager and crazy and genius doctor unintentionally took a time-traveled adventure.But the content of adventure was not to uncover thr ancient secret but the teenage parents met and pulled out a lot of mistakes.Although it was vagarious,it was completely entertaining.The incidental music was innovatice and vibrating symphony,besides,the song was added lively-styled 80's cinquepace and was absolutely retro-chic 60's atmosphere.It was a movie filled with entertainment and interest.

    Nothing is impossible,just as someone at that movement who rode the horse couldn't imagine something like the plane today.Technology is always walking behind the human's thought.No matter what human being can think,science may make it true.Time machin will exist sooner or later,and it is not impossible.In thefuture,the planes,missiles,rockets,atomic energy may be out of fashion.


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  • Rita
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    Gao ZhongSheng " Marty " rides the time machine invented of " Dr. Brown " of seat, reach the times that he had not borned yet. Where, Mattie meets the parents not getting married yet at that time. But mother " Luo Lan " arriving at puberty has unexpectedly loved one's own son in the future. Unexpectedly that cowardly father of his of Mattie has no courage to express the love to mother. If in that way, his own birth is a problem too. Then, Mattie begins to act as the matchmaker for parents, in order to facilitate parents' marriage wedding, act as a series of arrangements , help fathers to beat back the rival in love , and encourage the timid father to propose to mother.

    <get back to future>, one interesting science fiction film very, the number of times that I watched may be as much as trilogy in interplanetary the World War, it has to be rock teenagers and crazy genius doctor of thing, unexpected to launch risk of troops of space-time, but the content of taking risks is not a secret of revealing some ancients, but and the teenagers parents of period meet, involve out a lot slips, though have a fantastic idea, recreational and sheer, except innovating the symphony shaken , become song join style brisk dance music of the eighties too on not dubing in background music, with the sheer sentiment of the sixties that restores ancient ways, it is a recreational film with sheer interest.

    Every impossible. Like the person who rode a horse originally, it would have such things of plane today that it is impossible to expect.

    Science and technology always walk in the back of human thought. The human thing in one's power of head, science may all realize .

    Time machine is a thing in morning and evening, but not impossible. Possible plane of future Guided missile Rocket Nuclear energy is all results falling behind.

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