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個性很和善易與人相處,曾當選班上模範生,另外,在課業學習方面,主修國際企業學系,除了於學校中所習得的相關知識外,在課餘時間也常多方涉獵相關領域之知識,並考取銀行內部控制、信託業業務人員信託業務證照,在電腦技能方面也曾以自發學習的態度於校內考取套裝軟體WORD 2003及PowerPoint2003能力評鑑證書 。


(銀行內部控制~~Basic Proficiency Test on Bank Internal Controls)

(套裝軟體WORD 2003能力評鑑證書~~ WORD 2003 of Software Package Skill Test)

( 套裝軟體PowerPoint2003能力評鑑證書~~~PowerPoint 2003 of Software Package Skill Test)

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      Thanks to my pleasant and easy-going personality, I've always been getting along with people very well.  I was elected Model Student in my class.  In addition to my major in international business which I have acquired a lot of knowledge from, I made the most of my free time to indulge myself in various related fields.  With reference to banking, I have passed the "Basic...Controls" and got a certificate of "Professionals in Trust Business" up to date.  As regards infomation technology, I plucked up my initiative spirit on campus and passed "Word 2003...Test" as well as "Powerpoint Word 2003...Test".(I think I have made good preparation for any challenges in the future.)

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  • 1 0 年前 enterprise..faculty..major to..knowledge..outside..exclude..class..leisure..time..always..variously..relate to..area..knowledge..wide..roughly..look The proof of the business of the trust of the business number of men of the trust industry shines on, and 2003 and the PowerPoint2003 ability to pass package software WORD in the attitude voluntarily learnt before among the schools comment and rate can project the certificate also in the district of the skill of the computer.

    嗯 ... 希望你看了懂


    參考資料: 自己
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