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    making love ( we made love)

    have sex ( she had sex yesterday )

    mating ( they mate )

    copulate (process of copulation)

    sexual intercourse ( going through sexual intercourse )


    get laid 常用 ( you need to get laid )

    hump ( she got humped )

    fck (add 'u' after f) ( he was fcking her )

    doing it 常用 ( they were doing it/ you wanna do it? )

    making it ( they were making it last night )

    having it away ( hear the noise, they were having it away )

    going to bed 對異性說通常成立 ( you wanna go to bed with me? )

    sleeping with ( she slept with another man )

    screw 男性用較適合 ( i screwed her )

    get down ( you should get down with him/her )

    join ( they joined )

    become one ( they became one ) 這通常含有愛

    get it on ( i bet you i can get it on tonight )

    have 通常男性會說 ( i'll HAVE her in no time )

    you know what 幼稚的說法 ( we did you know what last night )

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    還有一個 在電影看到的 to shag it; they shagged

  • 情人間用 make love 比較符合 因為兩個人是有感情的如果兩人只是砲友,說要make love 對方可能會嚇一跳因為這就表示不想只當砲友 想要真感情上床,發生關係 就用have sex 或 sleep with someone最粗俗的就是***** 等同國語的 幹, 搞脫衣服 take off the clothes,==================making love (有感情的)having sex (光是說做愛這檔事,如sex and the city常會用到的)是比較一般的用法sexual intercourse 是學名-性交(如辦案或法律文件)至於其他口語的...我就不另作解釋了==============have sexual love v.性愛sexual love n.性愛love - making n.做愛make love v.做愛 =========斯文的說法做愛 - Make love性交 - have sex粗魯的說法做愛 - Let's fxxk

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