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Must throw down the relations which old has, can discover the newPossibility, kao Desert said, Also need rest, must leave all used, but is usually the belt which or enjoys in home\'s custom to other place. For this reason there is not offer the a meal. Only provides the kitchen to let the room temporary hire simple cooking. If need outside food, there are some a grocery store and few seafood restaurant can choose.


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    One must dispose old relationships to discover new ones, said Kao. Leave the familiar place if you want to get some rest, not just bring your old habits to another place. Thus, "Desert Romance" does not provide meals, only provides a kitchen for residents to heat up food or cook something simple. A grocery store and a few seafood restaurants are nearby for eating out.

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    "It's possible to make new discoveries only when old relationships are left behind," Kao Yuanjhen says. In order to fully rest, one has to leave behind whatever he/she has been used to. You don't simply just move what you've been used to, and what you have always enjoyed from one place to another. Hence, 沙漠風情 does not provide meal; it only has a kitchen where guests can do simple cooking. Besides that, there are also grocey stores and seafood restaurants for those who wnat to eat out.

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