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幾句自我介紹- 請幫忙英文翻譯~謝謝!!!


1. 畢業後即於XX科技公司工作,曾任總機及行政助理之職位,有3年的工作經驗。

2. 個性有些內向害羞,但也很樂觀、熱心,且富有愛心。

3.優點是細心謹慎、認真負責、服從上司。最大的缺點是健忘以及情緒上的管理不太好, 這是我一定要積極改進的地方。

4. 雖然對於此職務經驗上稍嫌不足.......

謝謝你們喔!!! ︿︿

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    After the graduation namely works to XX technical company, once was

    appointed the switchboard and the administrative assistant position

    of, some 3 years work experience.

    Individuality some introversion shy, but very optimistic, is also

    warm-hearted, also rich compassion.

    The merit is careful is discrete, earnestly is responsible for, to

    obey the boss. The biggest shortcoming is forgetful as well as in the

    mood management not too is good, this is a place which I certainly

    must positively improve.

    Although slightly dislikes the insufficiency regarding this duty

    experience at.......

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    1. Work in XX scientific & technical corporation promptly after graduating, has assumed office as the positions of telephone exchange and curia, the working experience that has 3 years.

    2 . The individual character is a bit introversive and shy, but very optimistic , enthusiastic, and is rich in the love .

    3 . The advantage is careful and prudent , is responsible for seriously , obey superiors . The greatest shortcoming is forgetful and the management on mood is not very good, this is the place where I must improve actively .

    4 . Though to disliking slightly insufficiently on this post experience .......


    參考資料: 翻譯機^^