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    Huang blasts U.S. for revealing information2006/5/6The China Post staff and agencies Foreign minister James Huang yesterday blamed U.S. officials for revealing information that led to President Chen Shui-bian's plane from being barred from landing in Lebanon and making an unscheduled landing in the United Arab Emirates. Chen's presidential jet left Taipei early Thursday morning with the intention of landing in Beirut on its way to Asuncion, Paraguay. The pilots were forced to change its flight path and land in Abu Dhabi instead after China brought pressure on Lebanese authorities to deny it permission to land. Huang said Taiwan informed the U.S. privately on Wednesday that Chen might drop a plan to accept an American offer of a transit through Anchorage, Alaska. Taipei passed on the information about the route to U.S. officials "based on our mutual trust ... but they told the news media," Huang said. He was referring to comments by U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack on Wednesday that Chen would not be transiting Anchorage en route to Paraguay. Huang said McCormack's revelation led Taiwanese news media to identify Beirut as an alternative transit stop, prompting China's envoy to Lebanon to intervene with Prime Minister Fuad Saniora. "The strength of their suppression was far beyond (what) anyone could have imagined," he said. Huang's comments mark a new turn in the continuing diplomatic spat between the United States and Taiwan over Chen's flight route to Latin America. U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack on Thursday insisted U.S.-Taiwan ties would be unaffected -- but said he did not know if Chen would stop over in the U.S. on the way back. The U.S. first offered Chen two transit stops in Anchorage, with the stipulation that he did not stay the night, with one on Chen's way to Latin America and one on his way back.

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    ★ ★ ★ Taiwan leader in Abu Dhabi after denied landing in Lebanon ★ ★ ★

    Thu May 4, 1:29 PM ET

    Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian's plane departed from Abu Dhabi heading for Paraguay after he was barred from landing in Lebanon, the foreign ministry reported.

    The plane had been in the air for 10 hours when it landed at Abu Dhabi airport, a reporter from the Taipei-based cable CTI news network said.

    "We had had no idea where we were heading for until the plane touched down," the reporter said.

    Foreign ministry spokesman Michel Lu confirmed Chen had taken off from Abu Dhabi and was "heading for the direction of Paraguay".

    Lu was tight-lipped when asked to comment on local television reports that Chen would make a stop in the Dominican Republic, another of only 25 countries which recognize Taipei rather than Beijing.

    "Anyway, the president will be there (Paraguay) in time to attend the scheduled activities," Lu said.

    The Lebanese authorities refused Chen permission to land in Beirut after a strong protest from China, a Lebanese government source said.

    "It's no surprise that China is using every possible measure to squeeze Taiwan's international space," Lu said.

    Beijing opposes any overseas visits by top government officials from Taiwan, which it regards as part of its territory awaiting reunification -- by force if necessary.

    Chen is also visiting Costa Rica, another diplomatic ally. But he unexpectedly dropped plans to stop in the United States en route to Latin America, angered by a US decision not to allow a higher-profile visit.

    US authorities said Chen could only make refueling stops in Hawaii or in Anchorage, Alaska rather than in the mainland United States.