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    You can do some asking and answering activities.

    For example: " Hi, everyone, we have known the vacabulary " can". Everyone can do something. I can swim(with action) and I can jog (with action). Now, XXX, what can you do? ( If he or she doesn't know what to answer, give him or her some clues."Can you swim"(with action) Can you jump?(show him what jumping is) _)

    This is the basic lesson. If they understand the word, to impress them, you have to do some other activities.

    Advance: Tell stories or make a situation for them to imagine.

    For example: show the picture of a fish and ask them what the fish can.

    " Does anyone know what the fish can do ?"

    "Can the fish jog?"

    "Can the fish swim?"

    "Can the fish speak English?"

    "Can the fish close her eyes?"(fish can't close eyes.)

    Then you just can make a song about the word "can"

    For example:

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star...

    How I wonder what you are...

    you can adapt it like this :

    I can swim~~ I can jog

    We can jump and we can run....

    ^_^ Hope you can succeed!

    2006-05-09 18:35:41 補充:

    人家是問要怎麼教小朋友can這個詞,為什麼 嘎哇姨 和 anitaltc 都在介紹這個助動詞呢?~"~

    2006-05-09 18:38:01 補充:

    已經可以打中文了我就把我的話在重複一次...你可以做一些問答的活動,用英文問他們會做什麼,請他們回答如果反應不熱烈可以問他們一些回答yes no的問題例如:你會游泳嗎?你會飛嗎?你會跳嗎?問一些動物會做什麼?[像是 鳥會飛嗎? 魚會飛嗎?]讓他們回答他們會更了解另外教完的總結課程可以唱唱歌跳跳舞

    參考資料: My experience...(my computer is strange today...I can't type in Chinese ...Sorry!!)
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    can [kAn] 可能、可以(助動詞)


    Can you……?你能………嗎?


    例如: Can you drive a car?

    Can you speak English?


    故改用:Do you speak English? or Could you speak English? 較佳


    could [kud] can的過去式

    能夠:He can speak English well.



    He can still be alive.

    他可能還活著。 (推測他還活著)

    Can it be true?

    那可能是真的嗎? (對事實質疑)


    That can't be true.



    You can go home now


    You can't come here.


    can 沒有未來式及過去式,只有現在式!(重要)


    I will can swim (誤)

    I will be able to swim (正)

    因為can 不能用在未來式,故必需要用 be able to(會) (切記)

    can not 二個字分開用在較正式的場合。一般表達用can't(cannot)

    I can not go there.(正式表達用法)

    I can't go there (一般表達用法)

    can 還有另一種意思,就是罐頭、罐。

    a can of pork 一罐豬肉罐頭

    coffee can 咖啡罐

    can opener 開罐器

    opener['opEn2] 開啟瓶蓋、罐頭等工具(名詞)


    前面再加上can變成can opener就是開罐頭!

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    Can is modal, which means the capacity of each one.


    I can swim

    I can eat properly....

    just use I + can + verb...

    Good luck

    參考資料: Me
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