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3分鐘英文演講稿...My Favorite Book

如題...3分鐘英文演講稿...My Favorite Book(我最喜歡的書)

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  • 1 0 年前

    My favorite book is The Call of the Wild, a moving story of a proud dog

    who escapes captivity to become the leader of a wolf pack.

    Buck is a dog born in luxury, but betrayed and sold to be a sledge dog

    in the rough and frozen Yukon.

    He rises above his enemies to become one of the most feared and admired

    dogs in the north.

    I like this book because Buck is a smart dog, and he has great loyalty to his owner. Because he lived in a loving home and was very orderly,

    he could not cope with the savageness of the wild;

    But his instincts soon got the better of him,

    and making best use of his strong muscles and powerful brain,

    he challenged the leader of a wolf pack, and beat him,

    making him the new head of the pack.

    參考資料: 國中寫的,給你參考吧~
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