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本公司創立於西元1985年, 主要型態為各式零件之沖床加工製造,







[Brief introduction of company]

Our company is established in A.D. 1985, the main attitude is the puncher processing and manufacturing of various types of parts

,With the progress of the times, the changes of the market, it is asked and progressed that our company is constant too, in order to ask the product of the products

The quality improves, put of different precision processing equipment into even more, is it is it set out exquisite products to process to expect to be able.

Because higher work that it is dangerous that the puncher is processed, the homework hands of personnel are often needed to pass in and out dangerously

Area, our company considers towards the \' security , quality , efficiency , cost \' respect in order to improve this situation

,So conceive and innovate and invent this manipulator , hope to become the good assistant of industry friends of the puncher .

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    Our company was established in 1985 and we excel in the field of puncher process and manufacture various type of mechanical parts or accessories. As the time goes by, the market and the trend had changed, our company had advanced as well. In demanding better quality, we had invested in high precision processing machines to make precision products with excellent qualities.

    Due to the hazardous working condition of puncher process, instead of human labor, we had researched and developed automatic robotic arms. With this innovation our company had transform into a safer environment and at the same time we had also improved in better quality, more efficient, and lower cost. Hopefully, this innovation will benefit others in the industry of puncher process as well.

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