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    Does Animals have the feeling of emtions?


    I Belive there is. <我想是有的>

    Although, most of the wide native animals that we don't sees that often


    But there are still plenty of cases that happening around us.


    Taking the example of Dogs, Who barks against the strangers


    acting like a cutie to please his/her master.


    which we already saw very often.


    There are many other news reported, "Loyally Doggy Sacrifice for The Master"


    arn't those actions proved enough?


    Hence, Animal are emotionalize.

    <所以動物是有感情的 >

    PS 英翻中 或是 中翻英 千萬不要 逐字翻譯 只能依整句的句型 下去詮釋 才能表達的更好

    參考資料: 住澳洲 15年的我
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    這三篇都有文法上的錯誤, 如#002題目Does animals? we don't sees? plenty of cases(plenty of用在不可數). #001稍好, but仍有may gives, This kind of sacrifice show. #003, I think to have, 語意也非常中式英文. 個人見解, no hard feelings

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  • ?
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    Whether the animal is passionately

    I think to have, though most animal life we in nature watch,

    But there are a lot of instances in the surrounding area of our life, dog will as the dog that raises in home foreign people express hostility

    Have a lot of lovely movement of acting like a child to host, this kind can be regarded as plain easy see have many to be new even more also

    Can sacrifice one's own such a movement and have no emotion to do for the host to protect the main fact to risk one's life while hearing the loyal pet of report

    Come out? So the animal is passionately

    參考資料: 老師
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  • 應該有吧!

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