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古巴飛彈危機,這些飛彈是距離佛羅里達不到150公里的古巴境內部署核子飛彈,這些飛彈能夠瞄準全美各大都市並且造成重大傷亡,一邊是蘇聯的挑釁,一編則是華府裡的敢死隊想火拼一場,讓美國總統甘迺迪非常的頭痛,不知如何是好,而且這部電影是導演親身體驗的,當他過的這段日子的時候,真是身不如死,每天活在恐懼中,每天都再想如果打過來時候,該怎麼辦呢,所以每天都覺得明天是世界末日。 這部電影讓看的人心驚膽跳的,由於美、聯的冷戰,將會害死成千上萬的人,讓人不僅為美國的人民捏一把冷汗,因為一旦開戰,死傷一定會非常的慘重,建築物、名勝古蹟和一些大大小小的建築,都無一倖免,以古巴的攻擊力以及火藥看起來是非常的強大的,而美國裡面又有很多非常不怕死的人,自以為可以跟蘇聯或古巴戰爭,只因為逞強好鬥,不知道自己逞強會害死多少無辜的老百姓。 如果某個國家也對我們這樣瞄準那麼多顆的飛彈,那我們台灣會一瞬間就淪陷,死傷慘重,所以大家都希望不要發生這種會讓人覺得很不和平的事情,現在是民主的時代了,要做任何的事情,都要經過投票啊,或者是表決的,並不是一個人可以決定任何事,而這部電影裡面的總統,因為自己人想要去打仗,而使得他無法決定到底該如何做,裡面有官階的人也不敢說話,因為總統沒問,沒人敢提問題,使得每個人表情非常的凝重。 最後我覺得看完這部,其實就有在想爲什麼要有戰爭呢,大家和平的過生活不好嗎,有必要這樣去干擾別人的生活嘛,真希望以後都不會有戰爭發生,不然真是不知該如何是好,要躲也不是,要做什麼都絕得很不自在,希望往後世界也可以像現在這麼和平。



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  • 香菇
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    The Cuban guided missile crisis, these guided missiles are away from

    Floridawithin the boundaries of 150 kilometer Cuba

    deployed the nucleon guided missile, these fly the resilience to

    aim at the entire American various metropolises and to cause the heavy

    casualty, at the same time is Soviet Union's provocation, as soon as

    arranges is in Washington D.C.'S dare-to-die corps thought internecine

    strife, lets American President Kennedy's unusual headache, did not

    know how is good, moreover this movie is the direct experiences by

    oneself, when he this section of day time, really is the body is

    inferior to die, every day lives in the fear, every day again thought

    if hits the time, how should manage, Every day therefore thought

    tomorrow will be the judgement day.

    This movie lets the will of the people startled gallbladder which

    looked jump, because beautiful, joint cold war, will be able to kill

    the tens of thousands of people, will let the person not only pinch

    cold sweat for US'S people, because once will make war, the casualty

    certainly will be able the unusual seriousness, the building, the

    scenic spot historical site and constructions, all

    does not have as soon as escapes by luck, will look like by Cuba's

    striking power as well as the gunpowder will be unusual formidable,

    but inside US also will have the person which very many extremely will

    not fear death, from will think may with Soviet or the Cuban war,

    because will only show off power fights, did not know oneself will

    show off power can kill how many innocent common people.

    2006-05-10 14:09:47 補充:

    If some country also like this aims at that many guided missile to us,then our Taiwan meets the flash to fall to the enemy, the casualty isserious, therefore everybody hoped did not must have this kind to beable to let the person think very not the peaceful matter, now

    2006-05-10 14:10:01 補充:

    was the

    democratic time, had to handle any matter, all had to pass through the

    voting, or was the vote, certainly was not a person may decide any

    matter, but inside this movie president, because the person on one's

    own side wanted to go to war, but caused him to be unable to decide

    2006-05-10 14:10:45 補充:

    Finally I thought looked this, actually has was thinking any must

    have the war, everybody peace life not good, it is necessary to

    disturb others' life like this, really hoped later all will not be

    able to have the war to occur, otherwise will really be did not know


    2006-05-10 14:11:02 補充:

    how should do, inside had the official rank the person did not dare to

    speak, because president had not asked, Nobody dares to ask the

    question, causes each person expression unusual dignity.

    2006-05-10 14:11:14 補充:

    how should be good, will have to hide is not, will have to make

    anything to think will not be very comfortable, hoped the world also

    may like in the future the present to be such peaceful.

    參考資料: 我的豬腦<因為字太多了有些內容在下面的意見>
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